'ANITA'S DAY OFF' - (2010)

Format: 35mm (Kodak) / DCP

Director: Su Ching Teh

Production Company: Independent




Anita lives a lonely and stressful life as a live-in maid in Hong Kong. On her day off, she decides to treat herself away from the responsibilities of daily working life.




Su Ching Teh's 'Anita's Day Off' is very much a reflective, observant piece of cinema, and is somewhat documentary-like in its cinematic approach. The production was shot on location in Hong Kong.


Originated on both Kodak Vision 2 - (500T) and Kodak Vision 3 - (500T) stocks, the film was made possible by the kind contribution of Andrew Lau's Basic Pictures in Hong Kong via the donation of various short-end lengths of stock. The film was shot spherically in the 35mm format with Zeiss Super Speed lenses for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1.


Colourist Toby Tomkins (Cheat) graded the film from uncompressed 2K files provided by Shaw Studios (Hong Kong), who also provided film processing for the production. 


The film has been featured throughout the world via various film festivals.


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