Format: S16mm (Kodak) / DCP

Director: James Slater




This video for Blossoms' 'Getaway' is an energetic, documentary-like observation of a young woman who wishes to return home. We are unsure where 'home' may be, but learn throughout the piece that she is not of our world, and that she is a stranger to both the post-industrial, and rugged, windswept environments that she inhabits.


'Getaway' takes inspiration from a broad range of science-fiction elements, including the more naturalistic and observational entries in the science-fiction genre.


Originated on Kodak 500T on both the Arri 416 and a Bolex H16, the film was shot spherically for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1. The negative was over-exposed by two stops, and pull-processed one, in order to give a lower-contrast, pastel look to the imagery.

Film processing was provided by iDailies (London).