Format: S16mm (Kodak) / DCP

Director: James Slater




This visceral and energetic video for five-piece band 'Blossoms' forms another highly fruitful collaboration with Director James Slater.


Hailing from Stockport, the band's 'At Most A Kiss' is a grungy, indie pop-rock anthem, combining elements of a number of musical genres to create a wonderfully original and unique sound.


Originated on Kodak Double-X on a Bolex H16 handcrank camera (converted to Super 16mm), the film was shot spherically for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1. The negative was over-exposed by three stops, push-processed by two, and developed in positive print chemicals, as opposed to standard negative development for an extreme monochromatic finish.

Film processing provided by iDailies (London).