Format: S16mm

Director: Daniel Brereton




This series of live performance videos for The Vaccines comprises three tracks from the band's upcoming LP 'Combat Sports'.

The tracks 'Nightclub', 'Your Love' and 'T-Shirt' were all captured in long, uninterrupted takes from two separate S16mm camera set-ups.

Drawing from a 1970's live television studio aesthetic, much care and attention was given to both lighting, filtration, film stock and lenses in order to deliver an authentic timeless finish with as little manipulation as possible in the Digital Intermediate.

The Vaccines 'Combat Sports' was shot in London, UK and was originated on Kodak Vision 3 - 500T in the S16mm format.

Film processing was supplied by Kodak Film Lab (London).

2K scans supervised by Simon Marbrook and supplied by Final Frame (London).