Format: S16mm (Fujifilm) / DCP

Director: Tom Swash

Producer: Nicholas Coppack

Production Company: Pola Pictures




Aaron, a 14 year old boy has grown up on an estate, where to be a member of the gang is to be somebody. In this river of violence he is turned to driftwood, by a current of acceptance and fear. But as the waters get increasingly dark, he soon finds that his desire to belong is far outweighed by the moral burden that comes with it.  




Tom Swash's gritty urban tale 'Incandescent Noise' was shot entirely on location throughout London, UK. The film required a somewhat stylised take on the bleak world that the characters inhabit, in order to enhance the claustrophobic sense of space that the film depicts. Contrasting this violent urban landscape is a subtle score, which pervades the entire piece, in effect making this a silent film of the most traditional sense.


The film was originated spherically in the S16mm format on Fuji Eterna 400T and paired with Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1.


Incandescent Noise has been screened at a number of locations throughout the UK and abroad, and marked one of my earliest works as Cinematographer.


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