Format: S16mm (Kodak)

Director: James Slater



This video for Daughter represents an intense, neurotic interpretation of the title track 'No Care'. Shot entirely handheld on a mixture of camera systems, the video utilises a stark low-key lighting style and simplicity in its camera movement to facilitate performance and also stay true to the pure, lo-fi musical quality of the original track. Both the colour and black & white negatives were push-processed two-stops in order to increase contrast, grain and saturation. The result is a very high-contrast finish, with little to no tweaking in post-production.

Daughter - 'No Care' was originated on Kodak Vision 3 - 500T and Kodak Double-X in the 1:66:1 aspect ratio and shot on both the Arri 416 and Bolex H16.

Film processing and scanning was provided by Cinelab (London).