'ONE TONNE' - (2011)

Format: Digital / DCP

Producer: Ben Sanchez

Director: Michael Middleton-Downer

Production Company: We Move Pictures




The relationship between a boxer and his trainer in the moments before a big fight.




Michael Middleton Downer's 'One Tonne' was shot on location throughout the United Kingdom. The film required a somewhat restrained visual approach, favouring both the emotional intensity of the drama, whilst ensuring that the pivotal action scenes remain visceral and exciting. This film marked my first collaboration of many with Director Michael Middleton-Downer.


The production was shot spherically with Canon 'L' series lenses for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1.


One Tonne was well documented throughout the UK festival circuit, and laid the foundations for future collaborations, including 2013's 'Top Hat'.


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