'REMI' - (2011)

Format: S16mm (Fujifilm) / DCP

Director: David Padadac
Producer: Stefanie Keegan

Production Company: Padadac Films




Remi is an illegal immigrant scraping a living and sleeping rough in a cold northern city far from his home. He has retained his dignity though, turning down work he considers questionable, even when suggested by likable young fellow-immigrant Inzo.


When Remi learns that there have been floods in his homeland he is frantic to contact the young daughter he had to leave behind. He uses the little cash he has made posting fliers for a kebab shop to buy a phone card and contact his best friend back home, Lito.


Almost overwhelmed with emotion, Remi learns that his daughter is safe but he is now desperate to get home and will consider anything to make the money he needs. Turned down for work by the local 'ganger' because of his height, Inzo unexpectedly comes to his rescue.



'Remi' was shot on location in London, UK and required a very selective, efficient approach to principal photography. The film really called for a highly naturalistic, gritty feel. For this reason, plenty of handheld camerawork was complimented by natural, soft light-sources in order to tell the story most effectively.


Originated on Fujifilm Eterna 400T with Zeiss Super Speed lenses, the production was shot spherically in the S16mm format for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1.


Remi received substantial exposure throughout the National and International film festival circuit and was featured at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2012.


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