Format: 35mm

Director: Paul Surety




‘Spiked Lightning’ is a story of hope. It is also a cautionary tale about how our initial perceptions of a situation can be misunderstood.

As we follow artist Gary O’Brien around the heart of Camden, we learn about the extraordinary strength and resolve of the human spirit, and how change can be a force for good in an ever-changing cityscape.


With a positive energy, this music video for ‘Spiked Lightning’ has a particularly keen sense of both narrative focus, and an energy that reflects the dynamism of one of London’s most vibrant communities.

Gary O'Brien's 'Spiked Lightning' was shot on location in Camden, London and was originated on both Kodak Vision 3 - 50D and Kodak Vision 3 - 500T in the 35mm format.

Film processing and negative scanning was supplied by Kodak Film Lab (London).