Format: S16mm (Fujifilm) / DCP

Director: Edward Carter

Production Company: Four Coffins Films




The lone proprietor of an inherited family business, wedded inexorably to his work, yet, through a tragic personality quirk, forever unable to develop the level of emotional detachment necessary for its everyday practice.




Edward Carter's dark and brooding 'The Funeral Director' was shot on location in London, UK. The film is a dark comedy and demanded a highly restrained, static approach to reflect the insular life of its protagonist. Very much a character study, the film features a wonderfully subtle performance by Jonathan Benda.


Originated on Fujifilm Eterna 250D, the production was shot spherically in the S16mm format with Zeiss Super Speed lenses for a final aspect ratio of 1:85:1.


Colourist Toby Tomkins (Cheat) graded the film from uncompressed 2K files provided by iDailies (London), who also provided film processing for the production. 


The film had an extensive run on the International Festival Circuit, including MIT in Boston and the Edinburgh Cinefrine Film Festival, where a feature about the making of the project was featured on their website.


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