'THE HARBOUR' - (2015)

Format: 35mm (Kodak) / DCP

Director: William Hawthorne

Production Company: Independent




Magnus, an elderly, retired fisherman receives an unexpected phone call from a local boy who has discovered a message in a bottle washed upon the shore. Magnus quickly realises that he was responsible for casting this message to sea many years ago and decides to meet the boy in person.




'The Harbour' is an ambitious allegoric fable, and one which poses as many questions as it does answers.

Shot in and around the neighbouring villages of Clovelly in North Devon, the film has a wonderful timeless quality.


Originated on Kodak Vision 3 - (500T) in the 3-perf 35mm format, the film was shot spherically with Zeiss Super Speed lenses for a final aspect ratio of 1:33:1

Colourist Toby Tomkins (Cheat) graded the film from uncompressed 2K files provided by iDailies (London), who also provided film processing for the production.