'TUNNEL VISION' - (2014)

Format: S16mm (Kodak) / DCP

Producer: Noor Lawson

Director: Maylana Colchete

Production Company: Independent




A tormented, bereaved architect struggles with his self-inflicted isolation, his grip on reality gradually deteriorating. Given a final opportunity to break his creative stalemate and save his career, Carl has a chance encounter with a stranger that leaves a lasting impression.




'Tunnel Vision' was filmed on location in London, UK and was shot throughout a number of very atmospheric locations. The film has very minimal dialogue and is set to a hauntingly beautiful musical score.


Originated on Kodak Vision 3 - (250D), the production was shot spherically in the S16mm format with Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses for a final aspect ratio of 2:35:1.


Colourist Toby Tomkins (Cheat) graded the film from uncompressed 2K files provided by iDailies (London), who also provided film processing for the production. 


The film is currently touring the National and International film festival circuit.


Tunnel Vision premiered at the 2014 Cannes Court Metrage.


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